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John Scott, Principal

John Scott, Principal

John Scott is a founding principal in Comprehensive Integrated Planning, Inc. (CIP). He created and designed the firm’s proprietary Math Modeling software—CIP Estate Planning Software™. This software enables clients to see their entire estate plan work in a math format projected beyond life expectancy.

CIP’s Estate Planning Process allows clients (and their advisors) to visualize a very unique end result—100% of assets to family with no charitable contributions, estate taxes, gift taxes or estate tax return—while allowing clients to increase cash flow, control assets and maintain financial security. Together, these unique systems and programs have saved CIP’s clients billions of dollars in estate and gift taxes.

Previously, John was Vice President of Sales for National Benefits Consultants, Inc. where he spent more than 10 years in the employee benefits business, marketing healthcare audit systems to Fortune 500 Companies, large school systems and States resulting in more than $18 billion in audited claims.

John received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Ohio State University. He is a dedicated community volunteer, regularly chairing fundraising events and actively serving on a number of boards. He and his wife, Pam, live in Columbus, Ohio and have three children.