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Our Process

The Path to Success

To build your plan, CIP uses a 20-step process:

1. Create an annual asset chart.
2.Focus on the largest asset first.
3. Review all income-producing assets.
4. Conduct computer runs for a number of estate planning techniques.
5.Determine life expectancy for term of years.
6. Approximate cash flow needs per year.
7. Reinvest excess cash flow each year.
8. Obtain client's estimate of income and growth assumption for each asset.
9. Review 5-10 years of personal financials for actual growth per asset.
10. Review tax returns for 3 years (Schedule Es).
11. Collect all business financial statements for 2 years.
12. Review all estate planning documents, determine distribution plan for adult children & grandchildren.
13. Find major family concern, as well as other family concerns.
14. Determine charitable interest.
15. Review non-income producing assets.
16. Determine basis of each asset.
17. Determine assets above/below current estate tax line.
18. Begin technique computer runs.
19. Focus on techniques that have minimal gift tax.
20. Complete first preliminary report.

*technique advantages apply at all asset levels